At Buckeye, our work every day is underscored by a commitment to safety, environmental stewardship, operational excellence and best-in-class customer service. This work is reflected by our company’s mission, guiding principles, and best-in-class programs, risk controls, and management systems.

Buckeye’s mission is to deliver superior services through investors through our talented and diverse team of empowered employees and our core values.

Our Core Values


  • An unwavering commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, regulatory compliance, and personal integrity
  • Best-in-class customer service and commercial operations
  • Operational Excellence that provides consistent, reliable performance at the lowest reasonable cost
  • Demonstrate and reinforce a culture built on teamwork, trust, mutual respect and accountability
  • An entrepreneurial approach toward logistical solutions to profitably expand and optimize Buckeye’s asset portfolio
  • Taking a long-term view towards owning and developing a portfolio of critical infrastructure satisfying global demand
  • Operational excellence that provides consistent, reliable performance at the lowest reasonable cost
  • A commitment to consistent execution and the continuous improvement of our operations, projects, and people

Our Strategic Objectives


  • Safe, Reliable Operations
  • Execute on Existing Base Business
  • Diversify Portfolio of Assets
  • Strengthen Financial Position
  • Commitment to Our People and Our Culture

Operational Excellence

As reflected in our guiding principles, we work in a collaborative and cooperative effort with the support and involvement of senior management, along with various subject matter experts, to continuously improve upon a culture across Buckeye that is aligned with our mission of Operational Excellence (OE) – to achieve our business objectives without harming people, property, the environment, our customer’s products, or the company’s reputation.

Operational Excellence Summit

Buckeye hosts an annual Operational Excellence (OE) Summit attended by managers and leaders as well as corporate program owners and subject matter experts with a goal of reinforcing our culture and values. During the Summit, key organizational and program initiatives are shared, and lessons learned and great catches are presented. The Summit drives teamwork, collaboration, best-practices sharing, and continuous improvement.

Safety and Operations Management System (SOMS)

Buckeye’s set the bar high by design, by developing a clear and well-understood management system framework of policies, processes, and procedures to ensure that we meet or exceed all operational tasks in support of our diverse business objectives.

The management system integrates our conformance to API RP 1173 efforts as well as our processes associated with process safety and International Standards Organization (ISO) certifications. The management system framework is Buckeye’s Safety & Operations Management System (SOMS).

SOMS is the holistic, growth-oriented, and efficient framework to enhance risk management and regulatory compliance, reinforce the culture of continuous improvement, advance Operational Excellence, drive company performance, and enable the execution of Buckeye’s Mission.

The ten elements of the SOMS Framework, shown in the outer ring of the figure to the right, reinforce our values and Business Operating Model.

The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle is at the center of the management system. Using this iterative process, we continuously improve both our overall performance and our compliance processes throughout the asset life cycle.

Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental (HSSE) Performance

The safety of our employees and business partners, operating in full compliance with regulations and the protection of the environment, is the cornerstones of our corporate values. The commitment of everyone to these ideals positions us to be a Best-in-Class organization.

“The Buckeye Safety & Operations Management System is how we will assure that the L.I.V.E safe mindset is always in the forefront of our work, every day at every level of the Partnership.”

Bill Hollis

President, Buckeye Services

“Buckeye’s Safety & Operations Management System will support our business goals, allow for the safe and reliable integration of new people and assets, enhance risk management, regulatory compliance and identify efficiencies; ultimately, I believe, advancing our Operational Excellence initiatives.”

Khalid Muslih

President, Global Marine Terminals

“Buckeye’s Safety & Operations Management System will take Operational Excellence to the next level.”

Bob Malecky

President, Domestic Pipelines & Terminals

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