Buckeye is committed to being the logistical solutions partner of choice for the global energy business. Our suppliers and contractors are part of making that vision a reality. We work with suppliers, through a rigorous and competitive procurement system, who strive to be leaders in their industries; uphold our core values of integrity, safety, and respect; and share our commitment to the highest standard of business conduct.

To that end, our suppliers undergo a thorough screening and qualification process to ensure they meet the same level of commitment and conduct that we expect from our employees. Our executive management team communicates with our top-tier suppliers to reinforce our safety commitments and expectations. We continue to assess the effectiveness of our strategy and, where appropriate, adopt policies and practices that further improve our program.

Collaboration for Sustainability

We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint for the communities in which we operate by reducing, reusing, and recycling the material we manage in a sustainable and beneficial manner.

Through our business relationship with Waste Management for managing both our municipal and industrial waste to implement sustainable solutions to safeguard and improve the environment. This is done by ensuring we engage with the highest quality suppliers, recyclers, and disposal facilities that meet our rigorous standards.

We work with a select group of facilities throughout the United States that use the latest technology to process materials in an efficient, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, and cost-effective way. We audit these facilities on a regular basis to ensure our high-quality standards are maintained.

Additionally, we engage a Fleet Management provider to ensure our fleet of vehicles are maintained and operating efficiently and to optimize our fleet turnover to maximize fuel efficiency realized in newer vehicles thereby improving the MPG across our entire fleet which reduces our fuel consumption and therefore results in a reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions.

Finally, we have further reduced our carbon footprint through initiatives such as upgrading or retrofitting our facility lighting to LEDs, along with investments in solar power generation for own use and for sale to the utility company.