PUBLIC awareness

Buckeye is committed to safeguarding the public, the environment, and our facilities. Buckeye utilizes public awareness programs to ensure the safety of our operations.

Our Public Awareness Program is designed to establish communications and provide information necessary to help the public understand that pipelines are the major transportation system for petroleum products and natural gas in the United States, how pipelines function, and the public’s responsibilities to help prevent damage to pipelines.

Accordingly, heightened awareness and a better understanding by the public of Buckeye’s pipeline operations will supplement and enhance our current maintenance, operations, and safety policies and procedures.

Program Metrics:


Mailing Program consists of an Information Brochure and an operator page. There are different brochures for different audience types: Affected Public, Schools, Farmers, Emergency Responders, Public Officials and Excavators. Proximity buffers (to our assets) are set based on audience types.

Mailing Program

  • 962,846 mailings in 2019
  • 1,027,281 mailings in 2018
  • 945,214 mailings in 2017

Live Meetings

  • 222 meetings in 2019
  • 220 meetings in 2018
  • 230 meetings in 2017

National 811 Day

Buckeye supported National 811 Day with events at its Houston, TX, Breinigsville, PA offices and Valley Preferred Cycling Center in Breinigsville, PA during their annual Corporate Challenge bicycle race. In addition to the educational literature, Buckeye entered the race with riders wearing the 811 logo on their jerseys, as well as announcements made throughout the evening reminding attendees of the importance of calling 811 before you dig.

Above: Buckeye employees staffing the digging game at the Breinigsville event included (left to right): Lee Hughes (Codes Standards & Publication Lead) and Kristen Howett (Regulatory Compliance Coordinator).

Above: Buckeye’s 811 Day Team at the Houston event included (left to right) John Dyer (Pipeliner), Daniel Mangum (Sr. Specialist ROW & Development), Mark Copeland (Sr. Specialist District Compliance), and Kevin Jones (District Advisor).

Hazardous Materials Transportation

Buckeye’s Hazardous Materials Transportation program is designed to promote the safe and compliant transportation of packaged Hazardous Materials and was developed with a commitment to ensuring that Buckeye’s products are shipped safely and without incident, reaching their intended destination without posing a risk to the public.

The program includes a two-tier training platform through our learning management system (LMS) which is tailored to Buckeye’s needs and product portfolio, while providing a comprehensive look at all the hazard classes.

The Buckeye Hazardous Materials training in LMS and the Hazardous Materials Manual include subject matter concentration on both bulk and non-bulk shipments and elaborates on the many exceptions seen in the oil and gas industry.

The program is focused on continuous improvement through which team members have implemented several changes that have streamlined various processes and enhanced communication.