How We Operate


Across our business segments, Buckeye maintains an ongoing commitment to excellence through the use of management systems, technology and unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship.

Regulatory Compliance

Buckeye’s Regulatory Compliance Department ensures that we maintain or exceed compliance to state and federal regulations on pipeline safety and provides operational services to support this goal.

Public Awareness

The Buckeye Public Awareness Program is an educational program that minimizes and prevents hazards to the public, environment, and Buckeye’s facilities through increased public awareness and knowledge of Company operations and associated property rights. The program raises pipeline awareness to the public and key stakeholders of the presence and location of pipelines in their communities and informs them of the appropriate steps to prevent, identify, and respond to pipeline emergencies. This is accomplished by communicating relevant information to each of the audience groups in the program – general public, emergency responders, public officials, and excavators.

Damage Prevention

Buckeye is dedicated to preserving, protecting, maintaining, and improving the safety, integrity, and viability of Buckeye’s pipelines, right-of-way, land, and property rights for safe, and reliable operations.